WoF Teams and Aerial Support


  1. 1st Hour Free

The Overberg District Municipality (ODM) Fire and Rescue Services has formally confirmed their commitment to the 1st hour free Fire suppression for FPA members and that this will not be affected by the uncertainty around the WoF teams.


  1. WoF teams

The ODM currently manages the WoF Team in Bredasdorp and will continue to do so. The team will still be available to members for firebreaks. The team will focus on the strategic firebreaks in our high risk areas.  The ODM and Overstrand Local Municipality are working on plans and strategies to still have the team or an equivalent thereof available over weekends in the fire season. Please see the MD briefing note below for the formal communication form WoF.

MD Briefing Note 30.07.2015 (click on the title to download)


  1. Availability of Aerial support

The ODM has also formally reported that the air resources situation is being closely monitored. Should the ODM see that they will not get an adequate service from FFA, they will investigate the possibility to, as they have done in the past, go out on tender for their own aircraft.

Formal communications received (please see below) indicate that the aircraft will be operational again from the end of August 2015, well before their scheduled arrival for the Western Cape Summer Fire Season in November. However, we are monitoring the situation closely and will keep you informed.

KISHUGU AVIATION_REPORT 31 JULY 2015 (click on title to download)