We’re counting down to the 2019/20 #FireSeason.


Meet the Overberg’s new Divisional Commanders

Daniel de Kock is the new Divisional Commander in the Swellendam district for Overberg Fire & Rescue. Daniel joins the Overberg team from Breede Valley Fire and Rescue in Worcester. Working as a fire-fighter isn’

Do’s and don’ts of a Red Day

There’s no higher wildfire threat level than a Red Day. You’ll know we’re facing a Red Day in the Overberg, by keeping an eye on our daily Fire Danger Index. When you see red, it means we’ll be experiencing a hot day, with low humidity and very strong winds – the perfect combination for an out-of-control wildfire.

Why a changing climate is fuelling wildfire

Changes to our climate lead to bigger wildfires that are more difficult to control. As a result, wildfire management is becoming more important in order to reduce the damage to people, the economy and the environment. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Fynbos Biome, the world’s smallest floral kingdom

How to stay safe when a wildfire threatens

You clearly don’t have much say on weather and topography. But you CAN manage the fuel in your home.
So we’ve compiled a few critical, and achievable actions that you, as a homeowner can take to reduce the risk of wildfire damaging your home (these are taken from Canada’s FireSmart: Protecting Your Community

Do you live in nature? This is for YOU

You live in a wildland interface area. That means it’s an area where homes and businesses are built in or near natural areas, among trees and other vegetation that can catch fire easily. The challenges around wildland interface fires are becoming more pronounced for a number of reasons: • If you live in the interface

Fire season: Investigations unveil ignitions

Fire investigators have been able to identify alleged fire-starters – both human and other – during the past fire season. The team from Enviro Wildfire Services has investigated most fires in the Overberg between October 2018 and May 2019. Thanks to their information

A devastating fire season – the goFPA counts the costs

The 2018/19 fire season has become known as one of the most overwhelming in the history of the Overberg. While more than 30 wildfires burned during the season, 20 of these were very damaging and very costly. Many of these fires also affected more than one...

Why ecological burns?

Some fires you may see burning across the Overberg (March and early April) are actually ecological burns. These are prescribed burns that take extensive planning and resources. That’s not least to help reduce the risks of burning during the current fire season. Why do we support ecological burns? (And why are these burns important during March

Elgin wildfire brings a community together

Elgin Valley, 28 January 2019: A fire that started Thursday (24 January 2019) in the Van der Stel’s Pass close to Botriver has captured the essence of community spirit. The fire has brought farmers, local companies and fire-fighting authorities together in what has been a five-day intensive battle to control the blaze.

15 tips to better protect your home against wildfires

What can you do to make your home as safe as possible against a potential wildfire? Home owners have learnt valuable lessons from the 2017 Knysna fires. And these lessons are now guiding fire management in South Africa. As a home owner

What to include in your evacuation go-bag?

This is surely one of the most difficult and stressful events in a person’s life: It’s time to evacuate your home, as a wildfire moves closer. This is a time of great stress – and mistakes can be made as a result. According to the Overstrand Municipality’s Fire Chief, Lester Smith, in an event like this


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