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FIRE SEASON 2020/2021

We’re ready for a busy 2020/21 fire season. And we know you are too.


Here’s what you should know, now that we’re in the fire season:

In the Overberg:

  • Operational vehicles and fire services personnel are on season standby.
  • Working on Fire teams are also on standby; one team is based at Bredasdorp, and 2 additional teams from NCC Environmental Services and Enviro Wildfire Services can be brought in if needed, with multiple resources from Volunteer Wildfire Services available.
  • 24h Fire Control room number: 028 425 1690



In the Overstrand:

  • Operational vehicles are on standby.
  • The Working on Fire team on standby is based at Kleinmond.
  • The Overberg District Municipality and the Overstrand Municipality assist each other with resources as and when required.
  • 24h Fire Control room number: 028 312 2400

Aerial Resources:

A helicopter and spotter plane are based at Bredasdorp from 1 December to end April. The aircraft could be used in the rapid initial attack. Additional resources can be contracted.

  • The Fire Chiefs have a limited budget which they can use at their discretion for initial attack. The high-risk planning, which was completed during the winter months, will assist in the decision-making.

  • Landowners are encouraged to speak to their brokers to obtain the necessary insurance cover, in order to cover additional aerial firefighting costs.



Spotters: R 4 662 per hour
AT 802 SEAT: R 30 432 per hour
Helicopters: R 36 122 per hour
ASV (R/km): R 27 per km
Black Hawk:  R 73 140 per hour


Aerial support – What you must do:

Download the aerial assistance request form here. This form can be completed in advance.

Ensure your insurance is in place (you may wish to include ‘fire suppression insurance’ as well as ‘risk of spread insurance’).

You MUST give written permission BEFORE we send aerial support.



Mop-up operations – Your responsibility:

Once the fire has been extinguished, landowners are responsible for the mop-up operations on their properties. The first 24-72 hours are crucial to ensure fires don’t flare up again.

Landowner – are you going away?

  • Have a responsible representative present on, or nearby your farm throughout the festive season. If you aren’t home, please make sure the person responsible is present, and in regular contact with you.
  • Also let your neighbours know if you’re not at home, and give them the contact details of the person who is manning your property while you’re away.
  • NOTE: The emphasis is on the first hour. We put all our resources into putting the fire out in the first hour. Thereafter we determine the best strategy, based on the fire’s location and immediate threats.
  • Should a fire start on your property, or threaten your farm, please get in touch with the fire department IMMEDIATELY. For the Overstrand, phone: 028 312 2400; or the rest of the Overberg: 028 425 1690. Quick action is vital this year.


Fire-fighting in a COVID-19 environment:

If one fire-fighting crew member becomes infected with COVID-19, there is a high risk the entire crew and other fire-fighters may become infected and be quarantined. To reduce these risks, the goFPA has compiled a response plan to veldfire suppression during the pandemic, setting out your responsibilities.


High-risk areas in the Overberg

Some of the Overberg’s high-risk areas were identified prior to the start of the 2020/21 Fire Season, following stakeholder sessions. 

The hotspots identified on this map were selected because of their high-impact setting and potential risks, including high fuel loads, braai areas and illegal wood cutting.



Rivier, fuel load Caledon CAL1
Lack of access, fuel load Caledon CAL2
KolKol infrastructure Caledon CAL3
Fuel load Caledon CAL4
Fuel load, access Caledon CAL5
Sandie’s Glen Bredasdorp CAM1
Sandie’s Glen – heavy fuel load Bredasdorp CAM2
Alien / urban edge Bredasdorp CAM3
Bredasdorp Fire Brigade Bredasdorp CAM4
Access / Fire fuel load next to road Bredasdorp CAM5
Houtmakers Bredasdorp CAM6
Infrastructure & visitors Bredasdorp CAM7
2018 Grabouw/Elgin GRA1
Fuel load Grabouw/Elgin GRA2
Sawmill Grabouw/Elgin GRA3
Fuel load Grabouw/Elgin GRA4
Fuel load Grabouw/Elgin GRA5
Substation / Fuel load Grabouw/Elgin GRA6
Proefplaas Grabouw/Elgin GRA7
Fuel load, access Grabouw/Elgin GRA8
Illegal woodcutters Overstrand OVE01
High Risk Overstrand OVE02
Fuel load & firebreaks Overstrand OVE03
Fuel load and fire breaks 2 Overstrand OVE04
Fuel loads & fire breaks Overstrand OVE05
Fuel loads & fire breaks Overstrand OVE06
Moravian Church Overstrand OVE07
Shooting range Overstrand OVE08
Fire Break Planning Overstrand OVE09
High ignitions Overstrand OVE10
WUI 2 Overstrand OVE11
Corridor Overstrand OVE12
WUI 1 Overstrand OVE13
CAL Fire Project Overstrand OVE14
Braai spots Overstrand OVE15
Informal settlements Overstrand OVE16
High Risk 1 Overstrand OVE17
High Risk 2 Overstrand OVE18
High fuel load 1 & Eskom Risk Overstrand OVE19
High fuel load 2 Overstrand OVE20
Illegal harvesting of wood Overstrand OVE21
Fire Management Plan Overstrand OVE22
Chris 1 Overstrand OVE23
Chris 2 Overstrand OVE24
Chris 3 Overstrand OVE25
Chris 4 Overstrand OVE26
Illegal harvesting (woodcutters) Overstrand OVE27


Make sure your home has defendable space.

Here’s more on what we mean.


Contact us if you have any questions: Louise, Pieter and Keith: 063 690 7899


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