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Keeping your personal information safe

The goFPA values your privacy and we understand the importance of ensuring that your personal information is handled with care. 

The Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) came into effect on 1 July 2021. The Act aims to safeguard your personal information, so that it can’t be used in ways you don’t approve of.

The goFPA is committed to adhering to the conditions of the Act to ensure that, as a member, your information is protected at all times.

Here are some of the actions we’re putting in place, as per the new law:

  • We ONLY use your personal information that you provide us as a member for the purpose of integrated fire management.
  • We ONLY request data that is essential for the services we provide to you, such as wildfire control.
  • We don’t disclose your personal information to anyone, other than for emergency purposes, or where we are legally required to do so (with Board approval only).
  • We are putting in place all reasonable measures to protect your personal information where it is stored (online and offline).

What do we do with your personal information?
The goFPA only uses your personal information you provide to us to comply with our obligations towards you as a member in terms of our mandate. These include:

  • To confirm the legality of your membership.
  • To know your location and contact details in order to communicate warnings, provide wildfire response assistance, for administrative purposes, to communicate our wildfire prevention information and other critical actions to ensure the prevention of wildfires.
  • To ensure your Fire Management Unit (FMU) can contact you for better coordination and assistance between neighbours as required by the National Veld & Forest Fire Act.

What are your rights and what do we need from you?
While we take steps to safeguard your personal information, process it lawfully and only share it in scenarios as mentioned above, you have the following rights:

1. You have the right to ask us to confirm what personal information we have in relation to you.
2. You have the right to ask us which of your personal information is shared with any third party. 
3. You have the right to request us to update your personal information or delete any information which is no longer accurate. 
4. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information. However, kindly note that this will negatively affect our ability to fulfil our obligations towards you as a goFPA member. 

What can you do if you suspect an information breach?
We have and will continue to implement all reasonable security measures and protocols to protect the personal information we hold. These measures seek to protect any personal information we hold from being disclosed without authorisation, from loss, damage, destruction, or unauthorised access.

However, if you suspect that either you, or the goFPA, have experienced an information security breach, you should notify us immediately so that we can take appropriate action. You can notify us by emailing us at or by calling us on 028 425 1690.

Maintaining your personal information with goFPA
We are taking all necessary compliance steps in implementing our POPIA compliance framework. One of the key compliance steps is to ensure that your personal information, as our existing member, is accurate and complete.  

If any of your personal information has changed or changes, we ask that you please contact us at to let us know what has changed.

If we do not receive any correspondence from you, we will accept that the personal information that we currently hold is correct and accurate.

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to email us at or by calling us on 028 425 1690.




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