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Download the application form.

Once you’ve filled in the forms, please return them to or fax to 086 585 2348. Once we’ve received the forms, we’ll send you an invoice for the membership fees.

Please fill in separate forms for farms/properties far apart or managed separately.

When are two farms/properties one member?

Farm portions with the same land manager/owner/lessee and trading under the same name are recognised as one member and therefore pay one collective fee.

Why join the goFPA?

Joining the goFPA is completely voluntary. We’re here to help you, as a landowner, to be ready and prepared for fire season.

And during fire season, it’s our job to help you should you be hit by a wildfire.

How do we help?

  • We assist you to become legally compliant, as per national regulations;
  • goFPA members are immediately considered not negligent should civil proceedings follow a veld fire that started on or spread from your property;
  • Insurance companies will automatically support goFPA members, and in some cases are required to actively participate to help members;
  • We give training in firefighting, fire management and fire prevention;
  • If you are seeking accreditation from IPW, GLOBALGAP and HACCP, you need to be a goFPA member.

What are the fees?

  1. There’s a small once-off joining fee.
  2. And there’s an annual fee, determined by the size of the property.

Click here to see the 2019/2020 goFPA fee structure.

How do you know if you’re a goFPA member?

  1. An application form has been submitted
  2. Membership will be activated only when full annual membership fees have been paid.
  3. Statement confirming fees have been paid acted as proof of membership.

What’s your responsibility as a member?

  1. Please make sure we’ve got your latest contact details. These will prove vital if there’s a fire.
  2. We need your farm portion numbers, for accurate mapping purposes.
  3. We need your correct details for invoicing – including company/owner name, postal address, property size and your VAT number.


Our farmer’s checklist: 8 tips to prepare for fire season

Our farmer’s checklist: 8 tips to prepare for fire season

Before fire season starts, there are a number of things landowners must ensure are in place – to prepare for wildfires. Here is a farmer’s checklist to guide our members BEFORE the start of fire season. Help us find water sources when fighting fire on your

Preventing wildfire through this innovative partnership

Preventing wildfire through this innovative partnership

The Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association is teaming up with solar energy finance company, Sun Exchange, to tackle the ever-increasing threat of wildfire. It’s a first-of-its-kind partnership for both the goFPA and Sun Exchange.

World Water Day: Tips for fire management in wetlands

World Water Day: Tips for fire management in wetlands

These wetlands face numerous threats. Topping that list are the impact of invasive alien plants, a changing climate and inappropriate fire regimes. That’s where the Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association can play a role:


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