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What are Fire Management Units, or FMUs?

Fire Management Units are small groups of members in a localised area in which Integrated Fire Management efforts between individual landowners can be most effectively coordinated.

FMU meetings

These meetings are arranged together with the FMU leadership and are facilitated by the goFPA. Annual meetings of members of an FMU should be arranged to put pre-fire season plans in place.

Typical items to discuss are:

Integrated Fire Management Planning:


  • High risk area discussion, planning & mapping.
  • List all the relevant phone numbers of all the land owners/managers in the FMU and their firefighting equipment.
  • Draw up a map of available water filling points and access points.
  • Discuss communal and strategic fire breaks, and encourage all to cooperate in the preparation of fire breaks.
  • The latest insurance requirements for public liability claims.
  • Training



  • Swop keys to gates that will allow access to neighbours (if required).
  • Understand how to maximize/optimize the use of the goFPA and the fire department.
  • Look into the efficiency and cost of air support insurance.
  • Implement a fast reaction plan to try and put fires out as early as possible.
  • Discuss possible “back burning” strategies and positions in the case of a bad runaway fire.

Please contact the goFPA on or 028 425 1690 to find out which FMU you belong to and who your leader is.


Our farmer’s checklist: 8 tips to prepare for fire season

Our farmer’s checklist: 8 tips to prepare for fire season

Before fire season starts, there are a number of things landowners must ensure are in place – to prepare for wildfires. Here is a farmer’s checklist to guide our members BEFORE the start of fire season. Help us find water sources when fighting fire on your

Preventing wildfire through this innovative partnership

Preventing wildfire through this innovative partnership

The Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association is teaming up with solar energy finance company, Sun Exchange, to tackle the ever-increasing threat of wildfire. It’s a first-of-its-kind partnership for both the goFPA and Sun Exchange.

World Water Day: Tips for fire management in wetlands

World Water Day: Tips for fire management in wetlands

These wetlands face numerous threats. Topping that list are the impact of invasive alien plants, a changing climate and inappropriate fire regimes. That’s where the Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association can play a role:




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