The fire-fighting tariffs for the 2016 Fire Season are now available. And the tariffs show the value of being a goFPA member.

According to Louise Wessels, Manager of the goFPA, wildfire suppression will cost members of the goFPA, in the Overberg District Municipal responsible area, nothing this fire season. For non-members, there are costs associated with the service and response vehicles to help manage a wildfire, as well as for fire-fighting teams.

“We are pleased that the Overberg District Municipality Council agreed to scrap wildfire suppression costs this season for our members. It’s another great reason to become a member, and to enjoy full integrated fire management support throughout the year.”

She says landowners are still responsible for guarding a fire after it has been extinguished. If a landowner needs additional support, fire-fighting teams can be brought in to help at a cost. Overstrand Fire Services have also kept their fees low this #FireSeason.

Helicopters and spotter planes are also available to help suppress wildfires as quickly as possible, before fires get further out of control. However, Wessels says that it’s up to the Chief Fire Officer to approve air support – which may not be available or appropriate. If instructed by the Chief Fire Officer, the first hour will be free.

“We’re really working to give landowners in the Overberg support this fire season when they’re members of the goFPA. We have support staff and strong infrastructure in place to help manage wildfires. Members therefore enjoy access to benefits that non-members simply don’t have.”

The 2016 Fire-Fighting Tariffs are now available. 

If you live in the Overberg District Municipal area (excluding the Overstrand), click here.

If you live in the Overstrand Municipal area, click here.