At EVERY fire you participate in fighting, PLEASE bear this acronym in mind: LCES

It’ll help you to stay safe. It’s one of the most important defence strategies against an unpredictable wildfire.

What does it stand for?






Escape routes


Safety zones

Here’s what each letter means for you: 

LCES must be updated and amended, as the fire’s behaviour and movements change. Stay on top of these changes – and communicate them well.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to guide those changes:


  • Does the lookout see all the possible threats?
  • Is the wind changing?
  • Are our communications channels in place, and working well?
  • Are our key players calm and communicating clearly?
  • Could the fire get here sooner?
  • Is our safety zone STILL a safe location?
  • Are there two or more escapes routes available at ALL TIMES?
  • Could we be tiring and therefore make poor decisions?