There’s no higher wildfire threat level than
a Red Day.

You’ll know we’re facing a Red Day in the Overberg, by keeping an eye on our daily Fire Danger Index. When you see red, it means we’ll be experiencing a hot day, with low humidity and very strong winds – the perfect combination for an out-of-control wildfire.

If a ‘Red Day’ fire should ignite, you’ll be up against fires moving rapidly through Fynbos and invasive trees – spreading up to 60m a minute, with flame lengths in excess of 2.4m.

Act BEFORE a wildfire starts – by taking extreme caution in your daily activities.

Here are 9 tips of what to do
– and NOT to do –
on a Red Day in the Overberg:

Please, no open fires:

Beware of lighting a match for ANY reason on a Red Day – including an afternoon ‘braai’.


If you have any woodcutting activities on your farm, send the team home on a Red Day. Or even better, inform them before they come to work. Woodcutting should not take place on a Red Day.

Alien clearing:

The same rule applies to invasive alien clearing. If you have a team working on your property, or you’re part of a bigger alien clearing project, halt any clearing activities on a Red Day.

Hikers beware:

If you have hiking routes on your property, stop hikers before they head out for any hike. This not only helps prevent accidental wildfire, but also keeps walkers safe in extremely dangerous conditions.

Save contact details:

 If hikers have left before you manage to communicate with them, be sure to have their contact details. You’ll need to warn them quickly if a wildfire were to ignite.

Who’s at home? 

Someone MUST monitor your farm during a Red Day. If you’re on holiday, ensure you have a team member on the farm who can communicate quickly with you if they see a fire.

Be neighbourly:

Tell your neighbours where you are on a Red Day. Are you on your farm? Or are you away? Your neighbours need to know, to get in touch with you quickly.

Smokers, take note: 

There’s never a good reason to throw a cigarette butt out of your car. But on a Red Day, it’s a particularly bad idea.

Who you gonna call?

Make sure the Fire & Rescue telephone numbers are saved on your phone, or are visible at your landline. (Keep them there for the entire fire season.)

Finally, contact the Fire and Rescue Services (in the Overberg or the Overstrand) IMMEDIATELY if you see smoke. This is true for any day – but is especially true on a Red Day.



Overberg (excluding Overstrand): 028 425 1690

Overstrand: 028 312 2400

goFPA: 063 690 7899