A series of new artworks have been created for the Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association (goFPA) – to raise awareness around the impact of uncontrolled wildfires.


The artworks were commissioned from Alouise Lynch Art, an Overberg-based artist specialising in delicate fine art.

The three portraits include the image of a Cape Grysbok with tears in its eyes – a well-known image in South Africa associated with the threats of wildfire. Alouise also painted an image of a small boy affected by fire, as well as a landscape threatened by a raging wildfire.


crying Grysbokkies

The new and old crying Grysbokkies next to each other


According to Louise Wessels, Manager of the goFPA, Alouise was commissioned to fashion the images to find new ways to involve people in integrated fire management. “We wanted the beautiful artworks to really reach into people’s hearts – to encourage a better understanding of how people and nature are affected by uncontrolled wildfire. The images will now form part of our awareness-raising campaign on wildfire.”

Louise said Alouise proved the ideal artist to take on this difficult task. “Alouise understands nature so well – from her own experiences travelling through South Africa, to her hands-on experience in conservation and guiding across the country. She therefore brings her knowledge of the natural world into her drawings.”

Alouise, who recently moved to the small town of Napier in the Overberg, started her full time art journey  in 2015. Her art has already been commissioned and sold in Australia, Italy, the United Kingdom – and in Africa and South Africa. Her work has also featured in fundraising events for Dignity SA and the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary.

According to Alouise, she grew up with the iconic image of the crying antelope. “Being commissioned by the goFPA to revamp the bokkie as well as create linked images to community and nature is a huge privilege. It falls in perfectly with my values as an artist. I am looking forward to this campaign fostering awareness within our communities, as well as tourists visiting our Greater Overberg.”

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Web: www.alouiselynch.com