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The aims of the goFPA are to:

  • Ensure that all members comply with the legal requirements of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act.
  • Encourage integrated fire management for private landowners and public entities.
  • Prevent and control wildfires.
  • Manage wildfires in natural areas in order to maintain diversity of species and ecosystems.
  • Manage wildfire hazards so as to minimise the risk and any adverse consequences.

We provide an integrated community fire management service to members of the Association.

  • Develop and implement a Veldfire Management Strategy for the area;
  • Assist members to meet their responsibilities according to the Act, our constitution and our rules;
  • Improve the knowledge base to help land users implement integrated fire management strategies;
  • Improve awareness on integrated fire management and prevention and empower local communities to become more aware of the risks of fire;
  • Reduce fire risk associated with the occurrence of wildfires by devising integrated fire management plans;
  • Assist members with managing any incidents of wildfire as appropriate;
  • Represent landowners at local and provincial forums for veldfire management and report back to landowners on decisions that may impact them.


LCES: Your wildfire defence strategy

LCES: Your wildfire defence strategy

At EVERY fire you participate in fighting, PLEASE bear this acronym in mind: LCES. It’ll help you to stay safe. It’s one of the most important defence strategies against an unpredictable wildfire. LCES must be updated and amended as the fire’s behaviour and movements change.

Grain farmers: Be extra vigilant against wildfires in 2020

Grain farmers: Be extra vigilant against wildfires in 2020

Overberg grain farmers face huge potential economic losses should a wildfire pass through their farm before their grain is harvested. Fires on grainlands burn notoriously quickly and, given the way they burn, they can create several lines that can trap those




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You can get involved by providing goods to energise our fire-fighters. Here’s a list of non-perishable items you can drop off – that help sustain our fire-fighters working hard to protect our homes and nature


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